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Your home, or business property, deserves a lush and stunning landscape of green grass and colorful flowers, trees, and bushes to not only boost visual appeal, but also the value. Your property deserves to stand out against all others in the neighborhood, earning the envy of every who walks, rides, or dives by it. There’s nothing quite like walking out the door to a sea of emerald grass, sturdy palms and citrus trees, and resilient shrubbery such as snapdragons and lilac verbena to make you feel like royalty. All it takes is a quick call and we can consult with you and strategize the perfect plan to make your landscape flourish. Our expertise in Southern California lawn care is unrivaled and our works speaks for itself, blooming across Santa Monica lawns to Huntington Beach properties.

If your lawn is looking a little yellowed, brown, or straw-like, you need professional Los Angeles lawn care specialists to revitalize your landscape. When you need landscape & hardscape maintenance and irrigation services in El Segundo, landscape design in West Los Angeles, or seeding and fertilization across the city, we’ll be there to make your neighbors jealous and leave them wondering how you got such a rich lawn.

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    For Homes

    Your lawn is the first thing that people see when they drive by or pop over for a visit; it’s your castle and your property should be as beautiful as the interior that you lovingly crafted and decorated. With a quick consultation, some seeding, and a little care and attention, your lawn can grow richer than it ever has. Additionally, planting a few shrubs and trees can give your home vertical appeal as well as some shady spots to relax under when the sun gets a bit too warm.

    We also power wash homes to remove months-to-years of dust and microscopic debris that accumulates on your home’s exterior. A quick wash later and your home will look like it was just built.

    For Businesses

    We specialize in landscape design, irrigation, and maintenance for businesses. You’ve worked hard to grow your business — let your exterior show that you pay attention to details. Customers and employees may turn away, or feel ashamed, to work for an enterprise that has shoddy, hay-like lawns and dilapidated, dried out shrubbery and trees, meaning you could lose business. We’ll make sure your landscape looks its best, and you’ll save money on water bills through efficient sprinklers and irrigations. By boosting the visual appeal of your business, you will entice more people to walk through the doors.


    We’re here for all of your landscaping needs in West Los Angeles. From lawn care to hardscapes to design & installation, we do it all.



    From blowing and maintenance to design and installation.
    Pressure Washer

    Pressure Washing

    Wash away all of the dust to rejuvenate your home or business.
    Lawn Mower


    Why worry about pushing a mower all day? We’ll handle the hard work.


    Seeding and nutrients can transform your lawn.
    Sprinklers & Irrigation

    Sprinklers & Irrigation

    Save money on your water bill and get a greener lawn.
    Landscape Design

    Landscape Design

    We’ll make your property look more beautiful and eye catching than ever before.
    Landscape Lighting

    Landscape Lighting

    Highlight dramatic angles and accentuate your landscape.
    Weed Control

    Weed Control

    Keep your lawn healthy and avoid weeps sapping the life from it.

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    If you need landscape designing, maintenance, irrigation or sprinkler repair, and/or development for your home, business, or campus, call us for a consultation to learn how we can help bring your dream property to life. Our years of experience mean that you never have to worry as we handle every detail professionally and promptly, making dead lawns a thing of the past.

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