Caring for a lawn, landscape, and hardscape can take extensive time and energy, dragging you away from your work, clients, customers, family, and downtime as you seed and reseed, fertilize, cut, trim, and pace to and fro watering your lawn with sprinklers, or a hose.

With our South Bay lawn maintenance packages for homes or commercial properties, you can leave the work and worry to us while you focus on yourself, your deadlines, and your loved ones. There’s no need to work up a sweat to achieve a beautiful lawn filled with healthy flowers and strong trees — we’ve got you covered.


All the trimmings

Put away the push mower and save yourself money, as well as air quality, gas, and time, and leave your ride-on mower in storage; leave the cutting and mowing to our team of experts. If you need a landscaper in Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, El Segundo, Inglewood, Westchester, Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, and Palos Verdes, call us to deliver unbeatable service, satisfaction, and professionalism. Choose from simple lawn mowing to more comprehensive service packages to suit your needs, your property, and your budget. No more worrying about overgrown grass, or leaves across your lawn – just a clean, neat, and tidy landscape.

With our team handling your Los Angeles landscape maintenance, you will enjoy a lush lawn devoid of weeds, crafted and cultivated shrubs and plants, and a landscape sure to catch the eye of other home and business owners.



Your grass and plants might need a little extra attention to ensure that they grow full and healthfully. Our fertilizers will help make your grass greener and deliver the nutrients your plants need. Our team knows all of the different types of grass that grow in Los Angeles region and use the appropriate and safest fertilizer monthly, or bi-monthly, dependent upon your grass. We show up on time and perform the job professionally and efficiently.

Leaf Blower

Blowing Hardscapes

Dust and debris can collect on stairs, walkways, and accent walls, but our cleaning services clear it all away to make it look like new. For homes that don’t accumulate too much dust, debris, or thatch, you can select our monthly, or bi-monthly, packages for hardscape blowing in the South Bay. Think of it like a spa day for your walkways and steps.

Pressure Washer

Pressure Washing

For the tougher jobs to remove grime, we use our power washer to instantly clean and rejuvenate your hardscape elements. While plenty of friends and internet guides will say that it’s easy to power wash your home, hardscapes, deck, or patio – and they’re right, it is easy enough – what they don’t tell you is how easy it is to ruin those exterior surfaces, costing you countless dollars in repairs. Our team knows how to safely perform pressure washing in Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, El Segundo, Inglewood, Westchester, Hawthorne, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, and Palos Verdes so that your surfaces look brand new without any chance or erosion, or deterioration.


Weekly Mowing

If you don’t have the time, energy, or simply don’t want to tend to your own lawn so you can focus on work, family, or relaxation, we offer full service mowing to maintain your lawn and landscape. Some grasses grow faster than others, and you may need weekly mowing services in the South Bay for your home; we’ll come each week and cut your grass the right length to promote dense, rich growth. Many people think they just need to go out and trim their grass short, but there is actually a simple scientific rule to follow: the 2/3rds rule. That is, you should only cut your grass 2/3rds of its current length; you also need to know the proper height for your grass to thrive. We take care of the measuring, cutting, and cleanup for you, rather than letting you stress over it with a ruler.

Leaf Blower

Weekly Hardscape Blowing

Leaves and dead grass can litter your landscape and hinder healthy growth and some homes are more unfortunate than others, gathering these materials seemingly overnight. Rather than let your walkways look uncared for and untended, contact us to set up weekly hardscape blowing in  for your South Bay home or business. We’ll be in and out and your driveway, walkway, and steps will look brand new.


Weekly Trash and Debris Removal:

Why bother spending hours of your day and week going around your property and cleaning up thatch, debris, and small pieces of trash that accumulate? Proscape offers weekly trash & debris removal to keep your home looking clean and beautiful so you have time to focus on other pressing issues. We take all of the dust, dirt, grime, leaves, and trimmings away so that you never need to worry about cleaning up after maintenance.

Three-season Lawn Fertilization

There are certain grasses that require additional and special care throughout the warmer seasons to flourish, but die off in the winter. Determining and understanding three-season grasses is one of our specialties and our landscape professionals use the proper three-season lawn fertilizer to deliver a dense, lush lawn that is easy to water and maintain. If your lawn requires additional attention, contact us for three-season lawn fertilization and three-season lawn maintenance. We focus on helping your landscape grow beautifully through the warmer three seasons and survive through the cooler months without a hitch.


Bi-weekly Edging

The edges of your lawn and landscape can become overgrown quickly, giving your home, or business, an unkempt look. For all the time energy, and money you put into your investment, it’s imperative you maintain it at the micro level. Proscape offers bi-weekly edging to trim the harder to deal with spots; we focus on the details so every inch of your landscape looks beautiful.

Bi-weekly Pruning

Are your trees, bushes, or shrubs starting to look a little overgrown, or even mangy? Can you not remember the last time you took shears to them to keep them reined in, neat, and tidy? Certain trees and shrubs grow quickly and need more attention than monthly trimming – that’s why Proscape offers bi-weekly pruning. We trim your hedges, bushes, trees, and accent plants so that they constantly look beautiful and magazine cover ready.
Weed Control

Weed Control

Southern California has a few invasive and pesky weeds that can overtake a lawn and landscape. We offer both pre-emergent and post-emergent weeding solutions. Pre-emergent treatment includes applying herbicides in the winter and cooler months to mitigate any seeds from growing in the spring; however, pre-emergent herbicides are ineffective if weeds have already begun to take root, that’s when our post-emergent weed control option comes in handy. We use safe-for-grass herbicides to eliminate weeds that are sapping nutrients from your grass seeds and other healthy plants. We know all of the weeds and invasive growths that can plague lawns and how – and when – to treat each one to give your a perfect South Bay landscape.

Let Proscape handle all of your landscape and hardscape maintenance

For more information about our services and how we can help your home or business thrive, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss our years of expertise. Our professionals are highly proficient and well trained to guarantee your satisfaction with your South Bay landscape maintenance needs and remove any worries of dead grass, cluttered lawns, and more.